Flyer for Jan. 12

Download this flyer to promote our aims and the upcoming actions. Below, find more fact sheets and toolkits to promote our fight.

Defund Police Informational Resources

Inefficacy of School Police

Defund Police Info Packet

Download the Defund Police, Rebuild Our Communities packet.

YES! I want safe, healthy and equitable schools for all. School cannot continue in this crisis without the resources our students need and deserve.

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August 3 Actions Resources

Aug. 3 Promotional Materials

National Promo

National One-page

Action Toolkit

Chicago Demands

School Reopening Fact Sheets

The Rich Can Pay

Costs Fact Sheet

Reopening Risk Assessment

Coverage of Aug. 3 from Around the Country

From the national and local organizers of these actions we want to thank the thousands of people who educated, organized and showed up to make this National Day of Resistance a success from coast to coast. If you have news coverage of your action that cannot be found below, please email us a link.

National Coverage


Baltimore and Montgomery County, MD

Camden, NJ

Chicago, IL

Cincinnati, OH

Little Rock, AR

Louisville, KY

Los Angeles, CA



New York City

Newark, NJ

Oakland, CA


Philadelphia, PA

Richmond, VA

San Antonio, TX

San Diego, CA

Times of San Diego | South County Teachers ‘Motor March’ to Demand Safety Measures, Funding

West Virginia

Wisconsin (Madison, Milwaukee)

September 30 Flyer