In this movement moment, our organizations have come together to unite students, educators, parents and community to advance a racial justice agenda in public education, in particular by organizing for police-free schools. We’re working to galvanize a strong and growing student/educator/parent/community voice; a voice that says the government must go much further to provide the resources to ensure a safe and equitable school reopening and must provide for our communities and working families through transformational Common Good demands.

Our coalition includes:

  • Chicago Teachers Union
  • Boston Teachers Union
  • United Teachers Los Angeles
  • Massachusetts Teachers Association
  • Journey For Justice
  • Center for Popular Democracy
  • St. Paul Federation of Educators
  • Midwest Academy
  • Milwaukee Teachers Education Association
  • National Educators United
  • Racine Educators United
  • Little Rock Education Association
  • Oakland Education Association
  • Democratic Socialists of America

YES! I want safe, healthy and equitable schools for all. School cannot continue in this crisis without the resources our students need and deserve.

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