Tuesday, Jan. 5 Webinar: Resistance across the country for safety and equity

Tuesday, January 5, 2021
7:00PM Eastern Time
4:00PM Pacific Time

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Hear from organizers across the country about the conditions they confront as we prepare for our January 12 national day of resistance.

In cities throughout the nation, public school systems that serve working-class communities and students of color face increasing pressure to push students and educators back to in-person teaching.

At the same time, both President-elect Biden and his choice for Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, have said that return to in-person schooling is their top education priority.

Will that mean school districts receive adequate financial and logistical support to make this return truly safe for students, educators and their families? Will our eventual return to school buildings also mean we return to the same problematic conditions that students and educators endured before the pandemic? Or will we realize the potential of this moment to effect positive change for our schools and communities? How are we fighting for safety, health and equity for our schools and communities?

Leaders at the forefront of this fight from coast to coast will share their challenges, their strategies and their hopes as we come together in solidarity and collaboration.

Speakers include

Jessica Tang

President, Boston Teachers Union

Jessica is President of the Boston Teachers Union, representing 10,000 active and retired educators. She is a co-founder of the Teacher Activist Group-Boston and serves as a board member for several civic and labor groups including Citizens for Public Schools and the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance. As a teacher-activist, she has been involved in many different community organizations that are working to advance racial, social and economic justice.

Keith Brown

President, Oakland Education Association

Keith is president of the Oakland Education Association, which represents about 3,000 teachers. Keith led his local on a historic and militant strike in February 2019 as part of a wave of teachers strikes stirring action nationally that year.

Rebecca Martinez

Organizer, Chicago Teachers Union

Rebecca is an organizer with the Chicago Teachers Union, which represents about 25,000 teachers, clinicians and paraprofessionals. A lifelong resident and activist in Chicago’s La Villita neighborhood, Rebecca organized with several grassroots initiatives, including Enlace Chicago, before joining the CTU Organizing Department in 2011.

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